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Network Status


Drake Professional Park
High speed Internet access
for the tenants of
Drake Professional Park
Fort Collins, Colorado.

Nestegg, LLC has brought high bandwidth Internet access to Drake Professional Park through gigabit-per-second fiber optic cable. We maintain connections to multiple upstream backbone providers for higher reliability and more direct routes to your destination. Access Available In other words, there is no single connection that will fail and leave you without service.

Access is provided to tenants as a 10 or 100 megabit ethernet connection. One connection can provide your entire office with "always on" access. No telephone lines are required.

We offer competitive pricing plans from $50 per month. We can also tailor plans to meet your specific high-bandwidth needs such as video conferencing.

We are actively bringing up tenants in 333, 343 and 363 W. Drake Road, 2625, 2627 and 2629 Redwing Road. Please contact us to schedule your connection.

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