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Network Status


All connection pricing is bandwidth* based and includes one 10/100Mbit port connection**, one POP3 mailbox and one real IP address.*** There are no setup fees and no minimum contract length.
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
Plan Bandwidth Included Monthly Fee Addtional Bandwidth
Plan 1 256 kbps $50 $0.17/kpbs
Plan 2 512 kbps $65 $0.15/kpbs
Plan 3 1 mbps $100 $7.00/ 128kpbs
Contact us for pricing on larger bandwidths
* -95th percentile in+out.
** -Does not include installation of cable.
*** -If required.
Optional Services
Item Description Monthly Fee
Email Pack 5 additional POP3 mailboxes
(Limit 1 per account)
POP3 Mailbox Additional mailbox $5
Port Charge Additional Ethernet Connection $5
IP Address Additional real IP address
(each consumed - requires justification)

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